Female Cockatiel Bird For Sale



Female Cockatiel Bird For Sale

Female Cockatiel Bird For Sale.  Cockatiels  represent the smallest of the cockatoos, although there is some controversy surrounding this classification. Female Cockatiel bird for Sale  Cockatiels are common as aviary birds and are excellent pets.


Cockatiels are small parrot (approximately 32 cm or 12.5 in) with an erectile crest and long retrices or tail feathers.

The standard or wild type cockatiel is predominately grey with yellow, orange, and white accents. Many color mutations exist including lutino, cinnamon, fallow, whiteface, pied, silver, olive, yellow cheek, and pearl.

This beautiful Cockatiel comes with Current Vaccination, Veterinarian examination, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee, Vet Checked.


Cockatiels are seeds eating birds(granivores) and  they also feed on mostly friuts (frugivores).

Free-ranging birds feed on grass seeds, grains, berries, and other fruits.

Feed companion birds a varied diet to decrease the likelihood of obesity.

Since psittacine birds hull seeds before ingestion, Female Cockatiel bird for Sale do not require grit. In fact, some  will overeat grit when ill putting them at risk for impaction.

All-seed diets are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals including calcium and vitamin A.

Female Cockatiel bird for Sale  also have the following attributes and benefits to the to be new home owners;

  • Age: 14 weeks
  • Gender: female
  • Hand tamed
  1.  Registered
  2.  1-year health Guarantee
  3.  Good with kids and other pets
  4. Hand Feed, Hand tamed


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