Leopard Gecko for Rehoming



Leopard Gecko for Rehoming

Gunnar is a big beautiful Leopard Gecko for Rehoming  and looking for a forever home. He is 1 year 2 months old, Gunnar will come with a 40  breeder enclosure, heat source, 3 hides/decor, and dishes. Adoption fees apply. Must be 18+ to adopt.  We have available other species of geckos so feel free to ask. For more information on how to adopt one of our available reptiles, get to us for details.

DESCRIPTION: They are around 6+ months old and feeding well on large meal worms and full grown crickets. The Adult Leopard Geckos current size is around 6 – 8”. Leopard Geckos are very hardy and will do very well in a desert setup.

HABITAT:  Gunnar comes with its habitat, but other  Geckos require a 10 to 20 gallon long aquarium or similar cage. Leopard Geckos do well on reptile approved sand and rocks for their substrates. Leopard Geckos prefer logs for hiding and climbing. Leopard geckos are from arid desert areas in the Middle East so they do require under tank heaters. They prefer a small, shallow water dish for drinking and a shallow dish for meal worms and calcium powder. Moisten areas under some of the hides for humidity choices. We suggest you use damp sphagnum moss to achieve the humidity in the hides. Most of these reptile supplies are for sale under our Reptile Supplies section for your convenience

DIET: At this age these Adult  Leopard Geckos are eating Large meal-worms and full grown crickets dusted with vitamins and calcium powder.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eublepharis macularius


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