Beautiful Indian Ringneck Parrot for Sale



Beautiful Indian Ringneck Parrot for Sale

This is a Beautiful Indian Ringneck parrot  in need of a loving home, already DNA tested and its a  male. The Indian Ringneck Parrots has been kept as a pet for centuries and remains a favorite companion bird today. A devoted owner will do best with this temperamental bird that requires a great deal of attention to remain tame. However, the Indian ring-necked will charm and delight the person who takes the time to appreciate its other qualities, a playful exuberance and a remarkable talking ability.

The Beautiful Indian Ringneck parrot for sale is a color variation of a sub species of the rose-ringed Parakeet. They are an Asiatic parakeet that originates in Ceylon but can now be found throughout Asia, predominantly in India and Pakistan.

ndian Ring-necks are curious and active parakeets, who may get bored easily if left alone. Because these ring-necked parakeets have powerful jaws, providing interesting toys and cage accessories for these playful parakeets is beneficial.


Care and Feeding of an Indian Ringneck for Sale

Fresh food and water must be provided daily.
In addition to these foods, you can offer your Indian Ringnecks with vegetables and commercial pellets. They also enjoy the same nutritional foods humans eat, including cooked chicken. Cooked beans, rice, and grains are also enjoyed, but soft foods like these will spoil in about 4 hours. An occasional millet spray is a nice treat.

Bird Food:
Foods available for Indian Ringnecks include formulated diets, either pelleted or extruded, seed mixes, and Parakeet mixes which offer a mixture of both pelleted food and seeds. There are pros and cons to feeding only a formulated diet as well as feeding only a seed diet.

Vegetables and fruits
Apples, grapes, bananas, pears, cherries, mangos, oranges, papaya, melons, peaches, and berries are among the additional fruits. Spinach, watercress, field lettuce, poppies, chickweed, dandelions, carrots, corn on the cob, peas, zucchini, green peppers, endive, and sweet potatoes are all fantastic garden veggies.

Bird Baths:
Different species enjoy different types of baths, while some prefer no bath at all. Personal hygiene for your Indian Ring neck can include a wash or shower two or three times each week to help keep its plumage in good condition. Use a hand-held shower sprayer or a hose fitted with a fine spray head.



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